On-Campus Teahouse Feasibility (UC Davis)

About — On-Campus Teahouse Feasibility (UC Davis)

Winter 2020 - D-Lab I


The Immersive Tea Experience Lab (ITEL) is a simple, sustainable and self-contained portable space intended for intentional tea practices that will be located in the UC Davis Arboretum (and function as a component in their NatureRX and GATEways Outreach initiatives). The trailer (structure) for the tea setting has already been purchased, gutted and is in the process of being simply refinished with two large bench seating structures that double as storage chests. The ITEL collaboration with D-Lab Winter 2020 Course will include research and implementation of the following objectives: Design entrance, seating, communication, educational and experiential interfaces that address diverse communities with a range of potential disabilities (mobility/visual/audio/ language, etc.) That are both considerate of limited resources and provide unprecedented elevated aesthetics.

The goal of the project was to provide the client, Harold Linde, with a feasibility study for the design of a secure, accessible, and self-sustaininable teahouse that prioritizes environmental sustainability and aesthetics. Harold desired an intimate space for tea-centric gatherings and ceremonies on campus, selective public access, a low to no phone zone, a shoeless space, and a juxtaposition of both interior and exterior settings.

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