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Raitong Organics Farm is a rice-growing farm that uses the wet paddy system. Raitong is facing a network of issues that hinders its productivity day to day. A large portion of its participating farmers are getting older, while landholdings are decreasing. Raitong also primarily relies on hands-on work, rather than mechanized, which puts a strain on the farmers and makes the whole process less efficient. When faced with frequent flooding, Raitong is forced to send out their farmers in extreme conditions to control the situation. In essence, the current system is too laborious, and calls for a safer, more efficient solution to mitigate rice paddy floods.

In partnership with Hackerfarm Japan, Raitong proposes the development and implementation of an app-friendly water depth monitoring system that relies on automated sluice gates to control field flooding. By developing a sensor that measures water depth, and connecting this to a long-range wifi network or meshnet, farmers will be able to access real-time information and warnings about the farm from their smartphone or computer. If notified that water levels are too high from flooding, farmers can activate the sluice gates in the rice paddies to close the crops off from the flood from their device.

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