Makerspace Feasibility (Yolo County Food Bank)

About - Makerspace Feasibility (Yolo Food Bank)

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Yolo Food Bank (YFB) aggregates and distributes 4.25M pounds of food annually to an estimated 32,000 individuals in Yolo County (nearly 25 percent are children), who suffer from food insecurity. Much of the food is donated and of marginal nutritional value. Of the 4.25M pounds of food, 1.25M are fresh produce and YFB would like to increase that quantity of produce by at least 50%, as well as increase the nutrient value of the foods it currently distributes.

YFB proposes to create a food innovation center, featuring a state-of-the-art commercial production kitchen, culinary academy and food maker space in its soon-to-be new headquarters. The proposed makerspace will accommodate aspiring food entrepreneurs who will engage in the processes utilized in creating consumer packaged goods, including food technology, recipe development, tasting panels, packaging design, marketing and research. The “space” would move “bench samples” to full production. YFB sees this “space” as an opportunity

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