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Winter 2018 - D-Lab I

Poultry Mongolia

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Mongolia is a country located in north-central Asia, Organic Protein LLC is located in the Dornod Province the easternmost part of the country. Mongolia has a growing population of 3 million people. The economy in Mongolia is agriculture based with livestock as the traditional form of husbandry. Within the country, the focus is on sheep, goat, cow, horse, and camel. Traditionally, poultry is not consumed by Mongolians, but recently with more knowledge on the health benefits of consuming poultry over red meat, many citizens are changing their dietary choices in favor of chicken.

Although individual households do tend to grow their own chicken, turkeys, ducks, and geese, this is only enough to meet their individual needs. With the main goal of helping the people and economy, Organic Protein LLC is looking to expand into broiler hen production by establishing a large scale poultry farm.

An easily adaptable Canvas Business Plan was created for the expansion of Organic Protein LLC to include a large-scale poultry production facility by the UC Davis D-Lab. Throughout the course, the team has been in close collaboration with the client, Selenge Chadraabal, who is the owner and CEO of Organic Protein LLC and UC Davis Hubert H. Humphrey fellow. Mrs. Chadraabal’s original project proposal to D-Lab focused on the feasibility and analysis of two different farm models, an education plan, plot map, market analysis, and financial projections.

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