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The Program for International Energy Technologies (PIET) has developed D-lab and the Path to Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Initiative to engage students in finding solutions to energy issues in developed and developing countries. D-Lab focuses on innovative technologies and business models that can allow people at the “bottom of the pyramid” to save or earn more money. The PZNE Initiative, in partnership with the Facilities Management Energy Conservation Office, focuses on applied energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in the building and transportation sectors within campus. Multidisciplinary faculty and student teams work with community partners to understand specific technical, social, environmental, and economic issues.

As a key player in "Leading the Way to Climate Neutrality Initiative" Big Idea, PIET is actively engaging faculty, students, staff and industry in trans-disciplinary, university-wide initiative to pilot and implement carbon reduction projects, as well as foster the next generation of energy leaders with the knowledge and hands-on skills to foster global resilience to climate change.

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Recent D-Lab Projects

Bike-source Cultivator (Zambia)

Emergency Transport (Madgascar)

Robust Gearbox for Underwater Dam-Free Hydrokinetic Turbine (Zambia)

Recent Zero Net Energy Projects

Charging Into The Future: A UC Davis Bus Fleet Transportation Roadmap

Energy Modeling of the 2015 UC Davis Solar Decathlon Home

Thermoelectric Heat Recovery: An On-Campus Case Study

D-Lab In Action

Cool Room Project

Mobile Irrigation System

Biogas Digester Generator Test

Wind Belt

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