Prince De Champs Startup Feasibility (Togo)

About — Prince De Champs Startup Feasibility (Togo)

Winter 2019 - D-Lab IRice Paddy Chart

In this project, a team of UC Davis students worked with a small business owner in the country of Togo to identify and encourage avenues for business growth. The company, Prince des Champs, currently operates as a middle-man for the local rice market in Kpele, Togo. As a result, they are able to package and brand the rice. The aim of this project was to analyze the business and determining what types of growth the owner was interested in, in order to provide useful recommendations. The canvas business model methodology as well as a financial sensitivity analysis were performed.

In these findings, the business is forecasted to expand per the owner’s request, which requires her to gain funding for necessary investments. With this capital, the business is able to internalize several costly operations that are currently being outsourced. It would also be able to produce a better product, handle more product, and gain more sales. This product would be revolutionary on the Togolese food market due to its fine quality, small price, and regional localility. In return, this would increase the demand for local rice, and provide farmers the incentive to increase their production.

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