Potato Storage and Agriculture Education (Bareti)

About — Potato Storage and Agriculture Education (Bareti)

Winter 2019 - D-Lab I

Potato Storage

Potatoes are a crucial crop in the Republic of Georgia. particularly in Bareti, where it is their staple crop. The community is economically and nutritionally dependant on the crop year round, but its location (a two hour drive away from the nearest city) is separated from the bulk of available farming expertise in the country. As a result, there is little accessible education for the farmers to improve agricultural production methods. Traditional methods result in high seed degeneration and crop waste, but farmers are reluctant to change their production practices.

The goal was to increase local economic opportunity by creating a potato storage facility to decrease seed degeneration and prevent post-harvest losses, while providing the village with a space for agricultural education. The project evaluated the sectors of building structures, HVAC systems, layout, and maintenance that is needed to efficiently store and protect potatoes in Bareti, Georgia.

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