Environmental Judicial Agency (Gabon)

About — Environmental Judicial Agency (Gabon)

Winter 2020 - D-Lab I


"Gabon is a central African country struggling to enforce environmental laws. Illegal logging, poaching, and pollution jeopardizing the country, its natural resources, and the welfare of Gabonese citizens. Most of the population is not adequately informed and knowledgeable about both Gabonese environmental policies and its benefits; Gabonese environmental law was ratified in 2019 so it is still relatively new and unfamiliar. Corruption also undermines these laws and policies. The Judicial Observatory of Gabonese Environmental Law (J.O.G.E.L.) is the proposed solution by our client, a Gabonese judge named Alain-Georges Moukoko. As an autonomous entity, J.O.G.E.L. will increase enforcement of Gabonese environmental laws through policy implementation, data collection, and education. Most courts and law enforcement agencies are not adequately trained or equipped to address and judge the cases of environmental crimes. Our research focuses on an analysis of best practices based on case studies and models."

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