Thrane Homestead Microgrid (Hood River, OR)

About - Thrane Homestead Microgrid (Hood River, OR)

 Spring 2020 - ABT 212

Thrane Homestead

David Evans is the owner of an organic apple and pear orchard in Oregon’s Hood River Valley, and has been fascinated with the idea of sustainable farming and agriculture throughout his career in this industry. David envisions a small homestead that is completely powered by renewable energy and can function off the grid. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and designs, he hopes to support a working orchard, farm buildings and a home that make up “Thrane Homestead”. His motivations primarily stem from valuing the importance of energy security and independence from the grid especially during emergencies and unexpected crises. Additionally, he is committed to demonstrating a model of self-sufficient agriculture and living to local farmers, schools and interested students through growing all your own food and using your own energy. He hopes to inspire a new generation to understand alternatives to a carbon-based energy dependence. As a UC Davis alumnus, David is interested in leveraging the resources of UCD’s Path to Zero Net Energy course.

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