Campus Education Building Retrocommissioning (UC Davis Health)

About -  Campus Education Building Retrocommissioning (UC Davis Health)

Spring 2020 - ABT 212

Building Retrocommissioning

The UC Davis Health Campus in Sacramento houses the UC Davis Medical Center, the UC Davis School of Medicine and various other clinical and research centers. Spaces such as offices and classrooms typically have regular schedules of occupation and are much easier for identification of energy saving opportunities. On the other hand, hospitals and medical spaces have stricter regulations for lighting and ventilation and addressing energy use is more difficult. As a result, the Education Building at the UC Davis School of Medicine was chosen for an energy audit and retro-commissioning effort. 

Retro-commissioning is a process that improves the building equipment and system functions together. This effort was mainly focused on the building’s HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems while lighting systems were also addressed superficially. The purpose of the project was in reducing operating costs and reducing carbon emissions. Equipment failures, control programming resets and potential scheduling changes were addressed to develop the list of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs). Finally, an action plan was provided for the long-term persistence of the ECM.

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