Abigail Edwards

Position Title
Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant, Project Manager

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems
Land, Air, and Water Resources


Abigail Edwards graduated from UC Davis in 2019 with a BS in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems and minors in both History and Global and International Studies. Abigail currently works with our satellite programs and is the project lead for D-Lab's Georgia satellite. In summer 2018, she worked in Bediani, Georgia as a 2018 PATA Blum Fellow to lay the groundwork for a CSA program and teach agriculture workshops. She returned to Tbilisi, Georgia in April 2019 to work with the Georgian Ministry of Education to integrate client-focused, project-based curriculum in university classes. Abigail also serves as a project manager and teaching assistant working with clients, partners, and students in D-Lab courses.  Following her work at D-Lab, Abigail will pursue an MPA in Environmental Science and Policy at Columbia University.