D-Lab Art + Engineering Winter 2020: Feasibility Studies

Applications for Winter 2020: https://forms.gle/gyR4cmAAiv4tCm3J8

ABT 289A 001 D-Lab Art + Engineering: Feasibility Studies

Quarter: Winter 2020
Units: 4 units, graded
Instructors: Dr. Kurt Kornbluth, Luke Turner, M.F.A.
Mtg. times: Tuesday, Thursday 10:00am-11:50am
Location: Kemper 1127
Prerequisite: No engineering background required, creative, free thinking, upper division undergraduates and graduates from all disciplines welcome.
Registration: Space is limited thus, admission is competitive and with instructor’s permission. For more info contact Abigail Edwards or Ian Phillips at amedwards@ucdavis.edu or irphillips@ucdavis.edu.


This client focused, project-based course is designed to engage students in an actual consulting experience using a structured, mentored approach. Students will apply basic engineering, social science, and economic tools to evaluate a prospective project/venture for their client. Analysis strategies and practical experience are provided through guest lectures, hands-on lab modules, and case studies. Through hands-on activities students will also be introduced to the Engineering Student Design Center.

From radical experimentation to professional applications, students will explore the intersection of Art and Engineering, with the goal of producing fully realized projects for clients. The client guides the D-Lab team in all phases. Teams present their findings with regard to scale, context, market or financial analysis, and possible alternatives.

D-Lab Art + Engineering: Feasibility Studies is the first of a 2-part series focusing on projects that address energy, agriculture, sustainability, and global poverty issues. D-Lab Pro II Design, Build, and Test, is offered in spring quarter. Past D-Lab I projects can be seen at: https://piet.ucdavis.edu/d-lab-i-projects-2019/.