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With the goal to disseminate the UC Davis D-Lab Program as an initiative and integrate new educational approaches to this program, between September 27th and September 30th Professor Kurt Kornbluth, UC Davis D-Lab Director, and Paula Balbontín, Graduate Student Researcher at this institution, participated in the First Latin-American Congress in Interdisciplinary Research and Education organized by the Interdisciplinary Space of the University of the Republic of Uruguay (EI UdelaR) located in Montevideo.

Project Description:

Supported by the EI UdelaR, this D-Lab Satellite delivered a two-hour workshop session on “How To Build A Client-Based Course” to faculty and graduate students looking to integrate new practical approaches to their curriculum. Following a step-by-step process, commonly known as design thinking, participants developed a client-based course applied to their fields of interest and course’s goals.

Specific topics included:

  1. Introduction to Design Processes in course development.
  2. Theoretical framework around client-based, project-based, and problem-oriented approaches for effective education.
  3. UC Davis D-Lab as an environment for client-based learning: Resources, Limitations and Considerations.
  4. Case Study: UC Davis D-Lab Course: A Path to Zero Net Energy Course
  5. Workshop: Step-by-step activities to build a client-based curriculum.
    1. Problem framework
    2. Criteria definition
    3. Resources, constraints and considerations

By the end of the workshop, participants had in their hands a One-Page Course Description to implement a client-based course successfully. This one-page course description was also used as a guide for participants to present their course ideas in public by following the “Elevator Pitch” to effectively communicate their ideas to different audiences.

We would like to thank Ana Corbacho, Academic Coordinator of the EI UdelaR, and her excellent team to support this initiative and allowed us to gain new ideas as wells as a better perspective to improve our existing model for better education. With this first D-Lab Satellite we expect to establish future collaborations such as knowledge-exchange initiatives between the University of California, Davis and the University of the Republic of Uruguay, as well as other potential partner institutions in Latin America.

More information about our Partner Institution:

First Latin-American Congress in Interdisciplinary Research and Education

Interdisciplinary Space of the University of the Republic of Uruguay (EI UdelaR)

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