ABT 298 “D-Lab 0: A Path to Zero Waste”

Quarter: Fall 2019
Units: 2 units; Pass/No Pass
Meeting times: Monday 10:00am-11:50am
Location: TBD
Prerequisite: No engineering background required, creative, free thinking, upper division undergraduates and graduates from all disciplines welcome.
For more information, please contact Abigail Edwards (amedwards@ucdavis.edu) and Alice Dien (adien@ucdavis.edu)

Course Description: This 2-hour/week seminar leads students through a process of framing projects concerned with sustainable waste management solutions including but not limited to landfills, food waste, and recyclable materials. Using the D-Lab 4-lens framework (social, environmental, economic, and technical), student teams will work on real-world projects to create design briefs addressing the client’s needs. All assignments and presentation preparation will be completed in class.

Assignments and Grading: There will be one presentation at the end of the course and a final project brief submission. The final project brief submission will be composed of multiple small assignments. All assignments and presentation preparation will be completed in class. Grades will be assigned either Pass or No Pass.

About D-Lab

In D-Lab, students gain a greater understanding of global challenges in need of solutions. They will collaborate in multi-disciplinary teams to meet the satisfaction of a real client. Cross-disciplinary student teams work with international community partners to perform feasibility studies and create prototypes using technical, social, environmental, and financial lenses. Practical labs, case studies, and guest speakers will focus on user-centered and market-based design approaches.

As developing countries grow and expand, low-cost, clean energy technologies are vital in improving quality of life and public health. UC Davis D-Lab addresses energy security, environmental degradation, and public health concerns through sustainable engineering efforts, led by student teams for real clients. Visit our Project Archive for a complete list of past D-Lab projects!