The UC Davis D-Lab has partnered with the Horticulture Collaborative Research Support Program Regional Centers of Innovation in Thailand and Honduras to promote horticulture technologies that have a positive impact on small producers. The UC Davis D-Lab team will consist of Dr. Kurt Kornbluth (Director) and Thomas Stein (D-Lab Program manager), as well as a student assistant dedicated to documenting technology and curriculum development.

The creation of local D-Labs at Innovations Centers located at Zamorano University in Honduras and Kasetsart University in Thailand will continue to addresses the key Horticulture CRSP themes of promoting technology innovation and providing access to technical and market information to partners.

In saying so, the D-Lab will focus on:

  • Building the Regional Innovation Centers’ capacities to develop, disseminate, and market appropriate horticulture technologies by creating in-house design and innovation curriculum
  • Assessing, promoting, and augmenting the current Horticulture CRSP portfolio of technologies by performing feasibility studies, technology assessment, and design development at UC Davis and the Innovation Centers
  • Collaborating, networking, and sharing information with Innovation Centers and other partners including the USAID International Development Innovation Network (IDIN)

More specifically, UC Davis will develop a D-Lab style design and innovation curriculum at each regional center with a focus on researching, evaluating, and adapting horticulture technologies, and share those with the Horticulture CRSP, their regional centers and the USAID IDIN network. Furthermore, the D-Lab will perform feasibility studies and technical assessments of at least two technologies for use in Horticulture CRSP’s Latin American and Asia target regions.

For more about the Horticulture CRSP Regional Centers of Innovation, visit: http://hortcrsp.ucdavis.edu/main/centers.html