Humphrey Fellows present their projects to a panel of UC Davis faculty and experts

The Humphrey Fellows finished their final session with the D-Lab project design workshop on Friday, December 2nd.

Humphrey Fellows refined their project ideas using evaluation matrices and then developed 1-page concept notes for their project ideas. Dr. Kurt Kornbluth, Paula Balbontin and Sean Maxson supported the Humphrey Fellows’ efforts to compile their concept notes which included the problem statement, problem description, stakeholder’s analysis, and an action plan for the Humphrey Fellows’ remaining time at UC Davis. For the second half of the session, Humphrey Fellows created 5-minute presentations describing their projects and presented in front of a panel of evaluators. The feedback panel consisted of Erin McGuire from the Horticulture Innovation Lab, Dr. Jim Thompson, a post-harvest management specialist, and Dr. Mark Bell of the International Programs office. Many of the projects designed by the Humphrey Fellows will move forward to the D-Lab I class for feasibility studies and the Global Poverty Seminar for collaboration with undergraduates to continue these projects after the academic year.