Bike-powered Blenders Workshop: Davis Bike Collective and UC Davis D-Lab Collaborative Project

In November, UC Davis D-Lab team, Davis Bike Collective, professor Jason Moore and more bike aficionados in Davis organized the first two-day Workshop: How to Build a Bike-powered Blender. This collaborative effort had the goal to guide people willing to learn about bike-powered technologies how to make their own smoothies when electricity is gone. During this hands-on event, students and members of the Davis Bike Collective followed a step-by-step process that can be summarized in disassembling, assembling, cutting, and finally welding all the different bike parts to create a low-cost bike-powered blender. Carlos Marroquin, founder of Bici-tec, was our leader, providing his input and guidance as a bike-builder with more than twenty years in the business. Carlos Marroquin is also part of the IDIN Network, one of our key partner that brings to UC Davis D-Lab projects related to agriculture, environment and energy from all over the world.

Davis Bike Collective donated the bikes (if you want to tune-up your bike and learn about bikes this is definitely the right place). Professors Kurt Kornbluth and Jason Moore supported this initiative with their experience building bike-powered technologies. We want to thank everyone who joined this workshop and invite UC Davis students to learn about future events at UC Davis D-Lab and Davis Bike Collective.