UC Davis Humphrey Fellows Exploration Modules

Since 2015, the UC Davis D-Lab has been a gateway for Humphrey Fellows to work and connect with a vibrant ecosystem of faculty and students, and practitioners, as well as the resources to move projects forward. In October 2016, the new group of UC Davis Humphrey Fellows started moving their projects forward under the UC Davis D-Lab Exploration Modules.

The first module was held on Friday, October 14th and during this opportunity, fellows explored the needs and resources of their target communities to think of creative solutions. Activities such as the Wallet Exercise or the Brainstorming session to expand their ideas, fellows identified the considerations to be used later for their projects’ evaluation. Next Friday, November, 14th at 10 am, Humphrey Fellows are having their second Exploratory Module to keep working in their projects and choose the best ideas to develop in collaboration with UC Davis.

In 2015, Dennis Yiga, a UC Davis Humphrey Fellow, met IAD student Abraham Salomon in D-Lab and the two went on to found Agriworks Uganda, Ltd. Their Mobile Irrigation System (first designed in D-Lab) is currently being scaled up in Uganda under a $150,000 USAID grant. In 2016, three Humphrey Fellows: Kakhaber Bakhtadze (Republic of Georgia), Fenoarifara Randriambololona (Madagascar) and Muhammad Ahmad (Pakistan) developed their own projects under a D-Lab course, and three UC Davis students were awarded with Blum grants to travel and support the fellow’s in country over the summer.