Peter Nasielski, D-Lab Summer Intern Designs and Builds A Wash Station For The IRC New Roots Farm In Sacramento

This summer, Peter Nasielski, 3rd year undergraduate student of Industrial Design, with support from the UC Davis Blum Center is building a vegetable wash station for the IRC New Roots Farm in Sacramento. Starting in Winter 2016, the project is a part of a D-Lab I class soon to be implemented and tested during the next couple of weeks.

Timothy Chapman, Program Coordinator of The New Roots Farm, an initiative of the International Rescue Committee in Sacramento, was in need for design skills and knowledge around water saving techniques. The challenge was how to optimize the use of water at the farm, specifically at the vegetable wash station.

During D-Lab I, a group of D-Lab students took the challenge and identified and ranked the different alternatives for water saving and developed the first draft of a long-term water-recycling project for the wash station. Technologies such as rainwater harvesters and mulch basins were attractive for the client. Later in D-Lab II, Annie Li, graduate student in Community Development, Peter Nagielski, undergraduate student in Industrial Design and Reem Fatayerji, Major in International Relations piloted a first wash-station prototype that allowed them to test different materials and identify opportunities to improve the previous wash station’s designs.

This Summer 2016, as part of his internship at the UC Davis D-Lab is building the wood structure and the mulch basin for the New Roots Farm that will allow our client to clean their produce and get them ready to sell. We will share pictures and more details about how to build a vegetable wash station soon! Stay in touch.